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          ♔ "Sure— The moment his goddamn head is given to me on a silver platter he can get a raise."

"Oh…So how was your day? I did my work."

"Can hubbie wife have a raise?"




▬  …”


//bats eyelashes

[Is actually concerned about having to be disciplinary with both.]

❦i'm honestly surprised i haven't run out of these yet

❦ love meeeeee

"but I do."

Casually leaves a cute teddy bear holding some fairy stickers or whatever it is girls like at her door before knocking and walking swiftly away.

Opens the door to find the adorable items and picks them up.

❦so when can I expect that raise/not raise?

❦ :(

"shhh it’s okay."

❦ so okay just so we have everything clear: if i don't get a raise, I'm supposed to meet you in andrian's room then sleep with you on the sofa at your place. I got that right?

"Pretty much. Now no more."